Our property taxes are too high. The government can raise them by increasing the valuation of the property, even if the rates stay the same. Good people are selling their homes and businesses and leaving our community because they can no longer afford the taxes. Reforming property taxes will be my top priority in Austin. My opponent tried to make it easier for the government to raise taxes without a vote from their constituents. That’s not what the people of this district want.

When Texas families want to buy things they can’t afford, they don’t ask their neighbors to make up the difference, but that’s just what the legislature does when it raises taxes. The government has to justify every hard-earned dollar it collects or return that dollar to the person who earned it. When the legislature tried to make it harder for the state to overspend, my opponent voted with the Democrats to kill the bill. She can’t be a real fiscal conservative and vote against limiting government spending.

Every child in this district deserves a good education, and we need to focus on results we’re getting for our public investment. We’ve got to focus on making the system more efficient and ensuring that each public school graduate is career- or college-ready. We also need to empower parents to find the right educational environment for their child by promoting choice among our public schools, increasing charter school options, and helping parents finance private school options.

As a mother of four, I want to raise my child in a community safe from crimes and natural disasters. Texas needs to step in where the federal government has failed to secure our borders from the entry of violent criminals. We need to support our first-responders who put their lives on the line to keep us safe. And we need to make sure we have the infrastructure we need to prevent—and recover from—flooding and hurricanes. One of our hardest-hit areas in this district is one of the largest Jewish communities in the United States, and we’ve been too slow to revitalize flooded synagogues and get people back into their homes.

I commit to supporting the Speaker candidate that emerges from our Republican Caucus.

Susanna Dokupil for State Representative District 14