Thank You


We have come a long way since last fall.  We had just seen a special session where our opponent had blocked tax and spending cuts — while claiming to be a fiscal conservative.
We launched this campaign with nothing in the bank and no name ID — just an idea that other voters were angry, too, and wanted to see a change.
We learned early on that we had to fight more than just our opponent’s voting record.  We had crossed the local establishment machine that supports incumbents almost without regard for their principles or policy positions.
Fortunately, our campaign got some help.  My former boss, Governor Greg Abbott, took the unusual step of endorsing me against an incumbent of his own party. Gov. Abbott’s TV ads and presence at our events told the voters that I’m a qualified person that he trusts, and that they can trust, to uphold limited-government principles. Thank you, Governor Abbott, for telling people the truth. 
Every vote we received in this race is a victory for limited government principles.  Every vote — and every contribution — represents a person who is willing to stand for those principles, even when it’s against the establishment machine.

We have demonstrated that there is a core group of people who still believe in limited government and fiscally conservative values.  We have demonstrated that there are people in this district who demand lower property taxes and less government spending and regulation.
As my opponent moves into the general election, she will need to unite everyone who supported our campaign behind her.  And I hope that she will commit to supporting the Governor’s plan to cap our annual property tax revenue increases at 2.5%.  I hope she will commit to improving parental choice in education and ending Robin Hood.  And I hope she will commit to securing the border.
Those of you who supported this effort, I thank you for letting me be your voice in these past couple of months.  But, despite the outcome of this election, you must keep making your voice heard to your elected representatives.  Your voice — and your vote — is the constitutional mechanism that keeps your representatives bound to promote YOUR interests, and not special interests.
Keep speaking up, not just from now until November, but every chance you get.
Keep Texas, and America, great.
Thank you.

Susanna Dokupil for State Representative District 14